PBC Responds to PLP's Announcement in Contracting with ASRC Energy Services

Pebble Limited Partnership (PLP) recently announced in the Alaska Dispatch News (ADN) that it has teamed up with ASRC Energy Services (AES), an Alaska Native Regional Corporation subsidiary, in the hopes of reviving business opportunities for local village corporations with land holdings closest to the project in the Bristol Bay region. This business tactic is not a surprise to Pedro Bay Corporation (PBC) as we have seen this before. The manner in which Pebble chose to include Pedro Bay in the article is disrespectful and unsuitable to the administration at PBC. Our Shareholders should be aware that the PBC board is committed to our unanimous stance on opposing the Pebble Mine and will not be participating in the business development or contracting opportunities as mentioned by PLP representatives.

Pedro Bay Corporation has come a long way since PLP’s first attempt to divide our corporation and similar communities throughout the region.  We will not allow a foreign mining company or a separate regional corporation tell us which business should be in our best interest as it did not end well for PBC on their first attempt. We have learned our lesson and are listening to our Shareholders; PBC stands with the majority of the Bristol Bay Region by saying NO PEBBLE MINE.


About PBC: Pedro Bay Corporation is an Alaska Native Village Corporation that prudently manages 92,000 acres of land and provides benefits to approximately 200 shareholders. PBC is dedicated to our mission of “Connecting to Our Past and Sustaining Our Future”.