2017 Annual Meeting Results

We are proud to say that Pedro Bay Corporation’s (PBC) 2017 Annual Meeting of Shareholders was a very successful one!  Thank you to all the Shareholders who were able to attend the meeting.  Support on the future strategic direction for which PBC is moving is something we were proud to see by the Shareholders.   

Election Results

We are excited to announce and congratulate the following candidates on their appointment to the PBC Board of Directors for a 3-year term ending in 2020:

Thomas “Tinny” Hedlund                 (6,076.7220 Votes)
S. Chris Osolnik                                (5,165.5554 Votes)
Laura Aaberg                                     (3,969.2781 Votes)


New Board Appointments

Following the Annual Meeting, the new board met to address the new appointments for all directors.  Below are the new appointments for the current board:

Thomas “Tinny” Hedlund                    Chairman
Laura Aaberg                                      Vice Chair
Sarah Thiele                                       Treasurer
Sherlie Taylor                                     Secretary
S. Chris Osolnik                                 Director
Beverly Cloud                                    Director
Amy Rogde                                        Director

Again, a special thank you to all Shareholders and descendants that participated and to those that were able to be present at this year’s Annual Meeting.