Shareholder and Elder Services

Because of our roots in the Alaska Native Claims Settlement Act, our responsibility to our shareholders goes beyond the bottom line. We constantly work to provide opportunities for our shareholders and their families and communities.

We reinvest in our people and their futures. PBC’s Board of Directors has adopted an investment policy that will provide shareholders with a consistent approach to dividend distribution, while supporting the Elder dividend fund and the Pedro Bay Benefits Corporation.

PBC’s long-term goals are to build financial strength for the future, pay consistent and increasing dividends, promote shareholder development and educational opportunities, position the corporation to have a major voice in economic development in the Lake and Peninsula Borough and Bristol Bay Region.

Shareholder dividends

Shareholder dividends are paid annually in the fourth quarter, in December.

Dividends are mailed to shareholders. Be sure to keep your contact information up to date with PBC.

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Elder dividends

Elder dividends are paid annually, in December.

Education opportunities

PBC offers scholarships and grant opportunities to eligible shareholders to help pay for education and training programs. This program is run by the nonprofit Pedro Bay Benefits Corporation, in partnership with the Bristol Bay Native Corporation Education Foundation.

Go to the Pedro Bay Benefits page for links and information.

Employment opportunities

See our Opportunities page for current job openings.

Annual meeting of shareholders

Each year, PBC holds an annual meeting to present corporate news and financial information to shareholders. This is also the time new directors are elected.

Meetings are generally held in Anchorage, Alaska, in December.

For information and updates on the next Annual Meeting, click here.

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