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In early May, PBC hired Brittany Brown as Corporate Affairs Manager.  Ms. Brown is a young professional, that is very driven and creative and has sufficient experience working with Alaskan Native Corporations.  Brittany is an Inupiaq from Nome, Alaska and is a Sitnasuak Native Corporation and CIRI shareholder/descendant, respectively.  Her latest position was working for her own village corporation as their Compliance and Communications Officer for the last six (6) years.  She also holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Business Management through the University of Alaska Anchorage and a Master’s Degree concentrating in Industrial Distribution from Texas A&M with high honors.


Ms. Brown’s value and best efforts provided to Pedro Bay Corporation will be based on initiatives that were set in place by the PBC board.  Her experience in branding, project management, logistics, relationship building and process improvement will be key in assisting Pedro Bay Corporation to gain additional business opportunities through market and investment analysis.  From Brittany, “I want to thank PBC for the opportunity to share my skills and experience.  As an Inupiaq woman from Nome, Alaska, I understand the importance of maneuvering the delicate balance between dedication to mission and the need for bold entrepreneurial initiatives, all the while maintaining the application of sound business management.” 


We’d like to welcome Brittany to PBC and look forward to her help in carrying out the vision created for Pedro Bay and its stakeholders.