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The By-laws of Pedro Bay Corporation requires that an Annual Meeting of Shareholders be held each year.  The date, time and location of PBC’s Annual Meeting is set by the Board of Directors as prescribed in the PBC By-laws. From 1992 to 2012, PBC held its annual meetings in Pedro Bay or Anchorage during the month of June and this was previously justified based on the Corporation’s fiscal year and State law.


For years 2013-2016, the Annual Shareholder’s Meeting was held in the month of December with the fiscal year ending June 30th.  PBC recently amended the Corporation’s fiscal year back to December 31st, thus amending the date of the Annual Meeting of Shareholders in the By-laws to be within six months of the fiscal year, required by the State of Alaska.


The PBC board recognized that the majority of PBC shareholders preferred the previous June Annual Meeting Date and made it a priority to amend the By-laws to reflect this preference.  From here forward the Annual Meeting of the Shareholders will be held once again during the month of June. 


At the Annual Meeting, shareholders who own voting shares may elect members of the Board of Directors and transact any other business which may properly be brought before the meeting. Before any business can be conducted, a quorum must be established.  Shareholders may vote in person or by a proxy vote.


Attendees have the opportunity to hear the previous year’s business operations report, ask business related questions, meet with Board candidates, PBC directors and staff and listen to candidate speeches.  Annual Meeting attendance is limited to PBC shareholders and their immediate family members (i.e., spouse, children and/or stock custodian). 


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