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2015 Annual Meeting Election Results:

Pedro Bay Corporation would like to announce and congratulate Beverly Cloud and Amy Rogde on their appointment to the Pedro Bay Corporation Board of Directors at the 2015 Annual Meeting of the Shareholders!  PBC would also like to thank Fred Roehl and Rayn Aaberg for the last three years they have dedicated to Pedro Bay Corporation.  The following addresses the appointments for the current Board of Directors:

Thomas Hedlund – Chairman, Laura Aaberg – Vice Chair, Sarah Thiele – Treasurer, Sherlie Taylor – Secretary, Chris Osolnik – Director at Large, Beverly Cloud – Director and Amy Rogde – Director.

Shareholder Resolution 2015-09 stating “Shall Pedro Bay Corporation establish a Settlement Trust?”

As shown by the records of Balloting, the motions passes as shown below:

YES      8,453.1482

NO       1,097.7778

The following shareholders won door prizes at the 2015 Annual PBC Shareholder Meeting.

Early Bird Prizes ($100 each):

Bertram E. Foss; Kendra J. Jurica; and Elijah R. Jensen

Annual Meeting Prizes:

Laura Aaberg; Gerald Delkettie; Thomas Hedlund; Chloe Jacko; Gabrielle Jacko; Chris Osolnik; Fred Roehl; Amy Rogde; Angela Robinson-Sweat; and Sherlie Taylor

A special Thank You to all shareholders that participated and to those that were able to be present at this year’s Annual Meeting!