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Pedro Bay Corporation has a board of 7 directors, who were elected to strategically initiate directives as defined in PBC’s mission, vision, core values and commitments in order to provide dividends and benefits for our shareholders.

The Board of Directors determines when and how to issue dividends annually based on a defined set of guidelines. If the Board declares a dividend, a date of record is set in order to determine the number and identity of shareholders entitled to receive the dividend. This allows for the closing of shareholder record books within a certain amount of time, prior to the dividends being mailed.

The PBC dividend distribution policy was established in 2014 to provide stable dividends, even when earnings are down.  The PBC board has selected the distribution date to be annually in its third quarter, with the thought in mind to provide additional income for its shareholders near the busy holiday season and when it is most needed for a household.

Pursuant to PBC’s dividend and distribution policy and unanimous vote at the Board of Director’s Third Quarter Meeting, the 2015 declared shareholder dividend amount is $4.06 per share.  If you have 100 shares, this means you will receive $406.00.  Similarly, the PBC Board desires to assist its Elder Shareholders to promote their health, education and welfare with an Annual Dividend in the amount of $15,000.00 to be divided equally amongst 22 shareholders who meet the Elder Shareholder Criteria.  The amount per Elder Shareholder is calculated to be $681.82.

PBC utilizes the Department of Bristol Bay Native Corporation’s Corporate Services to distribute PBC’s dividends and shareholder information packets.  We would like to remind you to update your information with BBNC, which can be found on BBNC’s website, under Shareholder Forms.  


The Annual Dividends will be paid out on Friday, October 23, 2015