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Pedro Bay Corporation (PBC) Board of Directors and Chief Executive Officer Rayn Aaberg is releasing the following statement regarding exclusive PBC Land Access on surface lands adjacent to Iliamna River and Fox Bay:

As previously announced in PBC’s June newsletter, the PBC Board of Directors directed executive management to seek proposals and bids from local lodge owners to grant these outfitters exclusive use of PBC lands for the purpose of guided sports fishing.  The core objectives found in providing exclusive access to PBC land is to mitigate the environmental impact of overfishing the Iliamna River and to receive best economic value for our resources. 

PBC is pleased to announce the signing of a three year commitment supporting an exclusive land access agreement with the Rainbow Bay Lodge Consortium.  The consortium consists of three locally run lodge owners; Rainbow Bay Resort, Rainbow River Lodge and Guth Lodge.  Historically, numerous outfitters have enjoyed access to PBC land without paying PBC’s land use fees.  As part of the agreement, the consortium members will patrol the designated portion of PBC lands and report trespass to PBC.  Finally, as part of the agreement, shareholder hire preference has been established. We view this as a very positive business relationship that is needed to collaboratively manage our resources.

Through agreements such as this, PBC will continue to be proactive in finding conservation solutions to our lands, while providing economic value and potential shareholder employment.  We look forward to working with the lodge consortium in the years to follow.

For comments or questions, please contact:

Rayn Aaberg
President and CEO
(907) 277-1599