Board of Directors

Pedro Bay Corporation is led by a seven-member Board of Directors. Members are elected by shareholders from among their ranks. Members serve three-year terms.


Our board members are:

Tinny Hedlund

Chairman of the Board – 2020


Laura Aaberg

Vice Chairman of the Board – 2020


Sarah Thiele

Treasurer – 2017


Sherlie Taylor

Secretary – 2017


Chris Osolnik

Director – 2020


Amy Rogde

Director – 2019


Beverly Cloud

Director – 2019


Pedro Bay Corporation Leadership

Rayn Aaberg

President and Chief Executive Officer

Rayn is responsible for the performance of the Pedro Bay family of companies and investments.  He guides the strategy for the allocation of financial and corporate resources and is accountable for the search and acquisition of business and investments. He previously served as business manager of Pedro Bay’s two subsidiaries and served as a member of the Board of Directors.


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