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About Pedro Bay Corporation

The Pedro Bay Corporation (PBC) is the village corporation for Pedro Bay, Alaska, located on the eastern shores of Iliamna Lake, in the Bristol Bay region.

PBC was formed in 1973 under the Alaska Native Claims Settlement Act (ANCSA) of 1971. ANCSA formed 12 Alaska Native regional corporations and more than 200 village corporations to resolve aboriginal land claims. Instead of the reservations used in other parts of the United States, ANCSA established a system of corporate ownership of assets to ensure the long-time profitability and financial independence for Alaska Natives.

People with ties to the land were offered shares in the regional and village corporations. PBC has more than 170 shareholders of Aleut, Eskimo and Indian heritage.Aerial

Because of its underlying mission, the responsibility of Alaska Native Regional and Village Corporations hold a responsibility that goes beyond the bottom line; it is also our duty to provide continual opportunities for our shareholders and work to presser our culture and traditions for future generations.

PBC began operations Sept. 11, 1973. Its diversified portfolio of operations and investments includes: security services; land, natural resource and agricultural services; construction; project planning, management and contract administration; transportation services; and medical clinics, physician assistant, EMT and drug and alcohol testing services.

Our goal is to build strong, ethical business operations to generate revenue to improve the lives of our shareholders. We do this through strategic, steady growth, following the best practices of our industry and the wisdom of our Elders.


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